Emily’s passion for peformance extends beyond her exceptional skills in front of an audience; she is dedicated to crafting projects for music, film, theatre production, and fictional manuscripts.

Dread cover

Up & Coming Novelist

Emily brings a unique blend of talent and versatility to her written works. Her current work-in-progress is “Dread,” the story of the young man fated to be the worst of the worst, the next Dread King, the destroyer of worlds.

Through “Dread,” Emily demonstrates her mastery of storytelling, blending elements of fantasy, suspense, and a touch of darkness to create a narrative that will leave readers on the edge of their seats.

Join Emily on this literary journey as she breathes life into the pages of “Dread,” infusing it with her unique perspective and creative prowess. Prepare to be enthralled, challenged, and ultimately moved by the haunting tale of the young man destined to become the worst of the worst—the next Dread King, the destroyer of worlds.

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