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Emily Trent

About Emily

Emily Trent is a talented actress known for her versatility and dedication to her craft. With a passion for storytelling and a wide range of skills, Emily brings depth and authenticity to every role she takes on.

Emily is currently based in St. Louis, Missouri.

SKILLS: Dancing(Contemporary, Tap, Jazz; beginning ballet), Swimming, Piano, Dialects (Gen Am, RP, Deep South, New York, Cockney), Improvisation, Sight-Singing, Martial Arts, Boxing, Driver’s License, Passport, Horseback Riding – Western, Adobe Premiere, video editing, Ableton, music production, teleprompter


Film and Television:

Emily’s upcoming project is a lead role in an exciting film currently in production by Radix Productions. She showcases her talent as a stunt performer in “Sick Girl,” produced by Charlie Baby Productions.

In the series “The Pretty People, Inc.” by Thursday People Productions, Emily shines as a series regular.

She has also played supporting roles in “The Pictures” and took on a lead role in “Sybil,” produced by Green Glass Productions.

Emily’s performance as the lead in “The Medical Trials” by Chasing Visuals highlights her ability to captivate audiences.


Emily’s talent extends to the stage, where she has showcased her skills in various productions. In “Shakespeare in Love” by O’Fallon Theatre Works, she played the roles of Viola, Kent, and served as the Fight Director.

She displayed her versatility in “The 39 Steps” at Tent Theatre, portraying the characters of Annabella, Pamela, and Margaret while also serving as the Fight Captain.

At Missouri State University, Emily showcased her talent in “Argonautika” as Castor and in “Rimers of Eldritch” as Martha Truit, where she also served as Fight Captain.


Emily holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre, with a minor in Music, from Missouri State University. She had the privilege of being taught by esteemed professionals such as Kurt Heinlein, who not only instructed her in multiple film classes at Missouri State University but also by individuals like Lisa Brescia, Sarah Wiggin, Ed Swidey, and Robert Westenberg.

She honed her on-camera acting skills under the guidance of Jonna Volz in “Acting For Real” and Kurt Heinlein in “Auditioning for the Camera.”

Emily has also received extensive training in combat and violence, holding certifications in various combat techniques, including single sword, unarmed combat, quarterstaff, small sword, rapier and dagger, two-handed sword, and unarmed martial arts.

Vocal Training:

With a strong foundation in vocal performance, Emily has received training in Shakespearean techniques and dialects. She has worked with esteemed instructors such as Dr. Todd Payne, Zipporah Peddle, Danielle Hardin, Sarah Wiggin, Ed Swidey, and Robert Westenberg.

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