Stunt Performer

With professional training in stunt performance, Emily is an expert at the art. Experience the thrill of working with a versatile and collaborative professional who brings excitement to every scene.

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Unleashing Dynamic Action

Emily’s expertise in stunt performance sets her apart as a versatile actor with a fearless edge. Equipped with professional training and extensive experience, she brings an electrifying presence to every project. Emily’s mastery of the art seamlessly blends with her acting skills, enabling her to perform daring stunts with precision and authenticity. Her commitment to safety, attention to detail, and relentless dedication make her a sought-after collaborator on set.

Fight Choreography

Precision Stunts


Fight Styles

Emily has experience in:

  • Taekwondo
  • Judo
  • Kickboxing
  • MMA



Emily has experience with the following:

  • Unarmed
  • Quarter Staff
  • Smallsword
  • Weapon and Shield
  • Found Weapon
  • Two-Handed Sword
  • Rapier and Dagger
  • Rapier and Cape
  • Case of Rapiers
  • Martial Arts



  • FDC Certified Basic Actor Combatant: Single Sword (Daniel Levinson), Unarmed (Louisa Zhu), Quarterstaff (Erik Fournier)
  • FDC Certified Intermediate Actor Combatant: Small Sword(Chris Mott), Rapier and Dagger(Todd Campbell), Two-Handed Sword, Unarmed Martial Arts
  • Rapier Wit Advanced Stage Combat Intensive: Point Work, Found Weapon, Complex Weapons, Martial Concepts, Weapon and Shield
  • Missouri State University: Grappling (Kurt Heinlein)
  • Martial Arts College of Clayton: Judo (Orange Belt); TaeKwonDo (Green Belt)

Work with Emily

Unleash the power of adrenaline-fueled storytelling with captivating stunt performances that leave a lasting impact. Contact Emily today to discuss how she can bring your vision to life through the art of stunt performance.